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Medical Nutrition Therapy 


What Is it?

        MNT is an evidence-based therapeutic medical approach to disease management.  It is used to treat certain chronic conditions as well as promote preventative measures.  Some of these preventative measures include reducing the risk of developing complications from pre-existing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, PCOS, among many others. 


        MNT can also be utilized to help treat those with eating disorders, food allergies/sensitivities, gastrointestinal related issues and various other conditions. Whether you have any medical conditions currently or you are worried about developing certain medical conditions, an improper and unhealthy diet can increase your health risk dramatically. 

        Through nutrition education and individual, tailor-made nutrition plans developed and implemented by a Registered Dietitian, you can take a large leap towards taking control of your current health status.  Most importantly, through a proper diet, you can alleviate and reduce current symptoms and future health risk.  


        Each nutrition plan is based upon the patient’s medical record, physical examination, functional examination, dietary history, and overall nutritional needs.  During MNT interventions, dietitians will counsel patients on behavioral and lifestyle changes required to positively affect long-term eating habits and health.  


       Whatever your needs may be nutritionally, we are here to help guide you in the right direction towards improved health. 



Please contact us for more information!

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