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Nutrition counseling is a supportive process, characterized by a collaborative counselor–patient/client relationship to establish food, nutrition and physical activity priorities, goals, and individualized action plans that acknowledge and foster responsibility for self-care to treat an existing condition and promote health.  With all of the propaganda in the world of nutrition, it is difficult to figure out where to begin when trying to reach our nutrition and health goals.  At Altitude we are here to offer you the best nutrition counseling and solutions to weight-management money can buy. Our services can be provided in office or in the comfort of your own home. 

            Nutrition counseling is specific to each client, with three main goals in mind.  First, we will complete a full assessment of your current condition and potential for future issues.  Second, we will educate you on proper nutrition and how to use your new knowledge throughout your everyday life.  Lastly, we will help you develop the habits and tools necessary for life-long nutritional health.

            If you are one of the individuals who has concerns about their current diet and eating patterns, an individual who wants to learn to eat healthier, someone who has trouble losing, maintaining or gaining weight, or someone who is simply tired of trying various diets that do not seem to work or have the lasting results you desire, Altitude Nutrition and Exercise Consulting is here to help. 

            There may be no magic fruit, vegetable, grain, or pill to give you for overnight results, but we can assure you, that we can help you develop good habits and the nutritional knowledge necessary to reach all of your nutritional health goals.  Let us help you change your life by contacting us today to schedule a nutrition counseling session.  A new, healthier you is only a phone call or click away.



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